Omnitracs Roadnet adds cross-metric analysis to SaaS platform

OmnitracsOmnitracs Roadnet Technologies announced the availability of Roadnet Anywhere v3.8, the newest iteration of its SaaS vehicle routing, tracking, mobile workforce, telematics and fleet management platform.

The company says its updated software improves fleet performance tracking with an Insight data visualization application and capabilities to analyze Service Patterns in order to support strategic analysis.

“In the past, fleets were forced to analyze multiple data points across various disparate systems, making it difficult to conduct cross-metric analysis across such things as driver safety, miles driven and customer commitments met,” said Kevin Haugh, general manager of Omnitracs Roadnet Technologies. “As the company continues to rapidly deploy new features to its SaaS fleet management platform — integrating routing, dispatching, telematics, customer notifications and analytics in a single, web-based tool — fleets can better monitor and reduce risk, promote safety and secure savings.”

Updated capabilities of the new version include:

  • Service Pattern Analyzer—evaluates planned and/or actual deliveries and automates the information needed to create strategic plans. The tool automatically collects and collates data from several systems.
  • Insight—delivers the ability to define metric-oriented rules, as well as create and view multiple measures as part of one form of data visualization. With click-and-drill capability, fleets can evaluate operational units (depots), routes, workers, equipment, delivery locations and more.