Hogan Transportation moves payment platform to EFS

Electronic Funds Source (EFS), a provider of customized corporate payment systems, announced that new customer Hogan has gone live on the EFS payments platform.

Hogan, headquartered in Saint Louis, Mo., moved its payments business to EFS this month and “the implementation went as smooth as we could have asked for,” said Mike Carroll, fuel manager for Hogan.

“EFS’ commitment to innovation – and to their customers – is evident in their collaborative development of a unique and customized solution to help us gain efficiencies in our operations,” said Carroll in a press release.

EFS built specific reporting functionality for Hogan on the EFS platform. “The customized reporting will save us, on average, 30 to 45 minutes per day reviewing and auditing our daily volume reports,” he added. “These cost savings are invaluable to how we manage our business.”

Hogan is using the EFS Fuel Card, EFS SmartFunds driver pay system, EFS Electronic Fuel Management tool and EFS SecureFuel, which helps Carriers identify and reduce potential theft and unauthorized purchases.

“We’re honored to have one of the most respected transportation service providers in the U.S. come on board the EFS platform,” said John Markham, senior vice president of sales for EFS.