Idaho third-party CDL testers must continue to maintain fraud bond, FMCSA says


Third-party CDL testers in Idaho must maintain a bond for re-testing drivers in the event CDL testing fraud is discovered, following the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s denial of an exemption request made by the Idaho DOT, who sought to be to be waived of the requirement.

The Idaho Transportation Department’s Division of Motor Vehicles applied for the exemption in March to lower the costs for third-party testers in the state who only conduct a few CDL tests each month, the application stated. The department added that the cost of staying bonded was too high for examiners who only earn $60 per test. ITD said in its request the state has had zero instances of fraud from its third-party testers.

FMCSA denied the exemption request because the application failed to show how the exemption would maintain the status quo or improve safety from the current regulation, according to the agency.

“The bond requirement is a business standard that not only provides a higher degree of assurance that the CDL tests performed meet FMCSA and state requirements, but that the tests are also performed by qualified individuals as agents of the state,” FMCSA said in its denial.