USA Truck increasing pay for independent contractors

Updated Oct 14, 2016

USA TruckIndependent contractors for USA Truck (No. 57 in the CCJ Top 250) will see a boost in rates beginning this month as the company has announced a per-mile pay increase for these drivers.

USA Truck has increased pay for its independent contractors as of Oct. 1 to between $1.02 and $1.35 per mile, depending on the load, through the company’s new Independent Contractor Compensation Program.

The previous rate was 98 cents per loaded mile.

Under the new system, independent contractors will be paid $1.35 per loaded mile for hauls up to 150 miles, $1.15 for hauls between 151 and 300 miles, $1.07 for hauls between 301 and 400 miles, and $1.02 for hauls longer than 400 miles.

“Our continued success in serving our customers derives from selecting the best contractors available, which we can do by providing fair and equitable compensation,” says President of Trucking Martin Tewari. “This represents a significant commitment by USA Truck to the success of our independent contractors.”

The company says independent contractors will also receive fuel discounts at in-network fuel stops, better labor rates and discounted parts at USA Truck maintenance facilities.