Leaning on reliable technology

The Tracks Tms Platform Captures Tracking Data From Drivers

One of the biggest mistakes a fleet can make, Hummer says, is throwing money at driver friendly features and failing to adequately maintain them.

He installs no-idle heating systems in each of his trucks, but had to abandon a similar effort with air conditioning units over problems with their reliability.

“I don’t like adding stuff and it not work,” he says. “It just frustrates the driver. Don’t spec something you’re not going to keep working on the truck. If you’re going to put it on the truck, it’s got to work.”

Fleets struggling with turnover, Hummer says, likely just need embrace the benefits of new technologies.

“Most of those guys with having trouble keeping drivers, they need to go buy new trucks,” he says. “Most of those guys are driving old trucks and they are afraid of new trucks. It’s not 2006 or ’96 anymore. What used to be the real creature features even a couple years ago are standard now.”