Ken Weinberg, founder of LTL software provider Carrier Logistics Inc., dies at 72

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Ken Weinberg, founder of Carrier Logistics, Inc., passed away March 25.Ken Weinberg, founder of Carrier Logistics, Inc., passed away March 25.

Kenneth M. Weinberg, 72, a pioneer in the development of trucking technology systems and services, died March 25 in New York City after a short illness.

Known for his easy manner and affable nature in explaining the most complex concepts of his trade, Weinberg was highly respected and relied on by hundreds of trucking executives throughout North America as well as Australia and the United Kingdom.

Weinberg co-founded Carrier Logistics Inc., known in the trucking industry as CLI, with Don Adams in 1972 in New York City and moved soon to Tarrytown, N.Y., which continues until this day as its headquarters. CLI ranks high in the trucking technology industry particularly among less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers where it built a specialty.

Weinberg liked to recall that when he started out in the trucking industry more than three decades ago, the best computers were so big they barely fit in a sleeper cab and stored less data than a modern day cell phone.

“Weinberg worked tirelessly to bring the software CLI developed into transportation companies to help them become more efficient, which in turn enabled them to prosper and grow,” said Don Adams, president of CLI and co-founder of the company with Ken.  “He understood that technology could help level the playing field between the transportation giants and other organizations.  He also firmly believed that everyone at a trucking company wanted to do the best job they could and the right software could help them do just that.”

LTL clients included Standard Forwarding, Purolator Freight, Double D Express, Midland Courier, The Custom Companies, FedEx UK, DHL, Toll and Dohrn Transfer.

Weinberg was a known expert on technology and logistics, having spoken on numerous platforms throughout North America and written many articles on subjects ranging from backup systems to value added services to how the Internet is transforming data management systems. 

Weinberg was also a strong believer in business education for transportation professionals.  He launched CLI’s leadership summit to enable top executives of transportation companies to meet and learn about trends and developments affecting their business decisions. 

Weinberg engineered CLI’s user conference, an event that draws dozens of trucking IT and financial executives from across North America to learn the newest features of CLI’s data management systems and keep up to speed on the best ways to integrate technology to sharpen their business operations. He also arranged informational webinars on ROI and other subjects important to transportation professionals.

Born May 3, 1944, in New York City, Weinberg earned the Bachelor of Arts degree. from University of Cincinnati and the Master in Business Administration from Iona College. He served in the military, where he was involved in logistics and operations, before going to work for IBM.