Averitt Express deploys road-facing version of SmartDrive video system

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Updated May 22, 2017

Averitt Express truck parkedSmartDrive Systems announced that Averitt Express has deployed its video-based safety program and achieved significant return on investment.

“We recognized the need for an effective program that would help us further improve fleet safety, decrease costs and exonerate drivers from false accusations,” said David McDowell, director of risk management at Averitt. “We turned to SmartDrive knowing its reliable video safety and analytics platform would not only enhance driving skills, but also mitigate risk and improve the bottom line.”

Averitt selected SmartDrive Shield following a pilot program in which the company determined it was not yet ready for an integrated video-based coaching program. SmartDrive Shield provides Averitt with an exoneration-focused program that includes advanced video capabilities, up to 200 hours of extended recording and managed services to monitor the health and wellness of the system.

The SmartDrive Shield product line uses a road-facing camera combined with on-demand video offload and easy-to-use review workflow to capture collisions, to exonerate when not at fault and to give drivers the ability to record issues on the road such as delivery verification and security incidents.

Averitt could upgrade to integrated coaching and a full video safety program as requirements expand without the need to remove and replace its current hardware.

SmartDrive Shield device“Averitt is now able to capture and analyze nearly every accident, which has had measurable impact on driver satisfaction, litigation costs and safety,” added McDowell. “We’ve been extremely pleased with drivers’ reactions. Once they clearly understood the SmartDrive system can prove they did the right thing — and protects their records and livelihood — they embraced the technology. In fact, we now tout SmartDrive as part of our recruiting effort.”

Since deployment across Averitt’s 4,800-truck fleet began, the company has experienced a reduction in DOT-recordable accidents, increased its subrogation collections by 15 percent, seen several million dollars in liability savings and achieved an ROI McDowell believes offsets the cost of equipping every tractor in the fleet for five years.

“Because the SmartDrive program is so flexible, we’re able to offer options to meet the needs of virtually any fleet,” said Steve Mitgang, CEO of SmartDrive. “Our clients can select the product line that works for them at initial implementation. Over the long term, they can modify the configuration of their system without a costly rip and replace, maximizing the value of their investment.”