EBE Technologies has record 2017

The CMC mobile app from EBE Technologies links to a variety of web-based driver tools.The CMC mobile app from EBE Technologies links to a variety of web-based driver tools.

EBE Technologies, a provider of enterprise decision support workflow (DSW) applications for the transportation industry, had a strong finish for its 2017 fiscal year ending September 30th.

The company announced a record year of revenue growth, with a 17 percent increase in revenue over FY 2016, and the ninth consecutive year of growth in excess of 15 percent.

The major contributing factor for this growth, the company says, is its SHIPS applications that enable carriers and logistics providers to execute transactions automatically, presenting only the out-of-standard transactions for manual review.

Included in the 2017 revenue growth was the addition of over 40 new transportation companies to EBE’s client portfolio. These client additions were a result of either a purchase directly from EBE or from one of EBE’s white label partners. New clients range from industry-leading asset-based private and for-hire carriers to the top logistics providers throughout North America.

“We are entering our 45th year in business with a full agenda. We are expanding our mobile computing and cloud base offering while continuing the release of our SHIPS 6.0 solution,” said Larry Kerr, President of EBE. “We have carriers that are providing POD images and invoices, and paying drivers within an hour of delivery – all of which would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.”

In 2018, EBE says new client adoption will be focused on the replacement of legacy document imaging systems, new solutions in safety and risk, fleet maintenance, learning management system (LMS), accounts payable, and the rapid acceptance of EBE’s mobile applications.