Axle Logistics using Descartes MacroPoint to cover loads

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Knoxville, Tennessee-based Axle Logistics has started using the Descartes MacroPoint capacity matching system to improve its ability to find new carriers and cover loads with lower costs.

“Having the right tools and technologies in place creates opportunities for us to further distinguish ourselves by the level of service we provide,” said Shawn McLeod, branch manager at Axle Logistics. “We already use Descartes MacroPoint for real-time visibility into shipment status, and the new capacity matching solution is helping us to find carriers more quickly, build stronger relationships with existing carriers, and strategically expand our network with new carriers.”

The capacity matching system automatically matches open loads with available trucks from Axle Logistics’ trusted carrier network. Descartes says the system combines historical load data with the ability to look over multiple days in the future to find optimal combinations.

The forward-looking capacity is drawn from the customer’s network of carriers and the Descartes MacroPoint Capacity Co-op, an opt-in network where freight brokers can selectively choose to share unused capacity in a secure way and get more access to capacity.

Descartes says the visualization and capacity matching algorithms of the system reduces the time to identify open loads and carriers. Overall, the MacroPoint visibility network connects over one hundred thousand carriers to brokers and shippers for shipment tracking.

“We’re committed to helping freight brokers increase productivity and pleased to help Axle Logistics provide its customers with greater load coverage,” said Dan Cicerchi, vice president of commercial operations at Descartes. “Our new solution, combined with the reach and scale of the Descartes Global Logistics Network, provides freight brokers with a much larger pool of available capacity and the ability to cover more loads in a fraction of the time.”