J.J. Keller’s 2020 Emergency Response Guidebook available for pre-order

J.J. Keller has made its 2020 Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG) available for pre-order at 2016 prices. The 2020 ERG is expected to be available from J. J. Keller in early 2020.

The ERG is the primary source for information needed to respond immediately to a transportation incident involving hazardous materials. Transporters, police, firefighters and other emergency services personnel use the ERG as a quick way to identify the hazardous materials and get response information to protect themselves and the general public.

The 2020 ERG will replace the 2016 edition and will reflect the latest guidelines for proper emergency response to a hazmat incident.

“Nobody wants to experience a hazardous materials incident, but they do happen,” said Thomas Ziebell, J. J. Keller senior hazardous materials transportation editor. “Being prepared is crucial in order to mitigate the dangers and potential damage, and 49 CFR 172.602 requires carriers to carry emergency response information when transporting hazmat. The new 2020 ERG will contain the most current information for identifying the hazardous materials, for guidance on what to do and where to get help in the event of an emergency.”

The 2020 ERG is available in 5 formats. To see descriptions of all the formats, plus quantity pricing, visit JJKeller.com/ERG.