Peterson adds interior, dome LEDs to lineup

Updated Dec 22, 2010

Peterson Interior Dome Le Ds

Peterson’s safety lighting line now includes several additional models of white interior and dome LEDs:
• Model 361 – Clear 4-inch round 2-wire LED interior light with six diodes, polished stainless steel housing and removable frosted lens for mounting;
• Model 366 – Clear 5.5- x 3-inch rectangular 2-wire LED dome or interior light with 24 diodes and white plastic housing that mounts on four 11/16-inch centers;
• Model 369S – Clear 12-inch swivel 2-wire LED interior rail light with 24 diodes, on-off switch and white plastic housing; and
• Model 379S – Clear 5.5-inch round 2-wire LED dome light with 30 diodes, on-off switch, white plastic housing and removable white plastic lens for mounting.