Michelin offers all-position pre-mold retread

Updated May 2, 2012

Michelin Xzy3 All Position Pre Mold Retread

Michelin Retread Technologies’ XZY3 all-position Pre-Mold retread is designed to deliver added wear and durability in on/off-road use. The XZY3 retread’s compound protects against aggression, chipping and cutting, while a center groove bottom protector guards the center channel from stone drilling and also assists in ejecting stones or debris from the groove. The tread’s four-rib design delivers added traction for soft soil and mud.

The retread is available in eight sizes – 210, 220, 230, 240, 250, 270, 280 and 290/345. The 290/345 size incorporates a winged tread design into the tread blocks for additional shoulder adhesion in high-scrub applications.