Noregon unveils JPRO Next Step Bundles

Noregon Systems has announced the release of JPRO Next Step Bundles.

The 16 new part numbers bundle the JPRO Next Step Service Information Module with JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics Heavy Duty software and all of the JPRO Fleet Service Kits. Noregon has added an “NS” suffix to each Next Step bundle part number to signify that it contains the Next Step module.

“Since the launch of our JPRO Next Step Service Information Module earlier this year, our customers have requested that we combine JPRO Next Step with our most popular products,” notes Greg Reimmuth, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for JPRO Commercial Fleet Products. “This streamlined approach makes it easy for JPRO customers to quickly identify and purchase the best diagnostics and repair solution for their operation.”

New JPRO customers purchasing a JPRO Next Step bundle receive 15 months of support and updates for JPRO software and 15 months of JPRO Next Step – which equates to three free months of JPRO support and JPRO Next Step. Each order for a JPRO Next Step bundles requires a signed End User License Agreement, or EULA, for both JPRO and Next Step.