Freightliner offering Hendrickson’s HAULMAAX EX on vocational models

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Haulmaax Ex

Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems said it has partnered with Freightliner Trucks to offer HAULMAAX EX - Hendrickson’s Next Generation Heavy-duty rear rubber suspension system as a part of the chassis enhancements for all Freightliner Vocational M2, SD and Plus models.

The HAULMAAX EX suspension provides versatility for trucks that operate both on-and off-highway. Equalizing beams on the suspension distribute the load equally between both axles to maintain traction in off-road and uneven terrain conditions. An integrated jounce stop protects the spring system from over compressing, helping to extend component life and reduce maintenance costs.

When paired with Hendrickson TRAAX ROD torque rods, the company said stability is enhanced and articulation is increased for improved on/off-highway operation. “Customers today expect more out of their vocational suspensions. HAULMAAX EX exceeds expectations by expanding on the capabilities of the original HAULMAAX design, with up to a 70,000-pound job site rating for the 46,000-pound capacity suspension. HAULMAAX EX offers capacities of 40,000 pounds, 46,000 pounds and now 52,000 pounds.