E-Zoil’s hand cleaners

E-Zoil’s Hardy Hands hand cleanerE-Zoil’s Hardy Hands hand cleaner uses a high-performance formula with natural ingredients and contains walnut shell scrubbers to help eliminate dirt and grime and six lotions formulated to leave hands soft with a fresh citrus aroma. The company’s Hardy Wipes are a combined hand, tool and surface towel that uses the same high-performance formula to help remove dirt, grime, grease, oil, tar and other soils. The two-sided towel has an abrasive side designed to cut through soils, while the smooth side is suited for wiping surfaces clean.

Hardy Hands is available in 3- and 18-ounce bottles and an 85-ounce jug. Hardy Wipes are 9-by-12 inches and available in a 70-count container.

E-Zoil, www.ezoil.com