Bendix’s aftermarket air dryer cartridge

Updated Aug 14, 2017

Bendix GC Spin-On Air Dryer CartridgeBendix’s GC Spin-On Air Dryer Cartridge uses the company’s own recycled desiccant for aftermarket applications. The Green Cartridge is engineered to be used on any North American air dryer that calls for a standard 39mm right-hand thread spin-on dryer cartridge, but it is not suitable for applications requiring an oil-coalescing filter. The reconditioned material is formulated with new Bendix desiccant to help deliver like-new performance and stable air drying efficiency performance over the cartridge’s life. The Bendix GC is sold as service-new with no core charge and is designed with a bright green shell to differentiate it from the company’s traditional blue product colors and to highlight its sustainability and environmental benefits.

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems,