LoadHandler’s heavy-duty brushed alternators

Updated Oct 26, 2018

LoadHandler Brushed Alternators for heavy-duty vehiclesLoadHandler’s Brushed Alternators for heavy-duty vehicles are designed for high power output and efficiency and are available in application-specific 150-, 160- and 200-amp versions for 12-volt systems. The new drop-in replacement units are available in J180 and pad-mount configurations and include a heavy-duty bearing, rectifier and diode to facilitate increased service life and optimal performance in extreme operating environments. The L22 150-amp and L24 160-amp models are rated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and the L24 and L28 200-amp (rated to 221 degrees F, Remote Sense-capable) models also feature a Dual Internal Fan Design that helps increase service life by maintaining an optimal bearing temperature during operation for minimal heat damage.

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