Rear View Safety’s mobile DVR

MobileMule Mobile DVR from rear view safetyRear View Safety’s MobileMule Mobile DVR features HD recording on all channels and can be connected to a monitor for live viewing with high-quality H.264 image compression. A 1.3-megapixel forward-facing IP camera can record license plates and street signs and allows live footage to be viewed and downloaded. Seamless-loop event recording can be saved by established triggers, while a g-force sensor automatically saves emergency footage even when the vehicle has been off for up to 24 hours. The device comes with the company’s fleet management software that includes Google Maps and breadcrumb tracking that records speeds, locations and exact driving routes, while geofencing allows users to set up routes and receive instant alerts if a vehicle deviates; the system also can be integrated with temperature sensors to receive alerts. The durable device is built with a military-grade vibration rating and is available with an optional fireproof case.

Rear View Safety,