Talbert’s hydraulic detachable gooseneck trailer

Updated Dec 4, 2018

Gooseneck Trailer from Talbert ManufacturingTalbert’s 60CC/55SA-LD hydraulic detachable gooseneck trailer can be paired with the company’s optional East Coast-style E2Nitro spreader to allow for 60 tons of capacity with a close-coupled configuration or 55 tons with a spread-axle configuration, allowing users to switch between configurations to meet differing hauling regulations. While maintaining a 60-ton rating at half the deck length, the 60CC/55SA-LD offers a 6-inch ground clearance with an 18-inch loaded deck height. The trailer has a 108-inch swing radius, a 26-foot deck length and an 8-foot 6-inch deck width and is manufactured from heavy-duty T-1 100,000-psi minimum yield steel with corrosion-resistant paint for added durability and longevity.

Talbert Manufacturing, www.talbertmfg.com