Phillips’ improved electrical, air assemblies

Updated Aug 28, 2019

Phillips Industries Premium 3 In 1 And 4 In 1 Electrical And Air Combination Assemblies With Qcp Trailer Side Connections 2019 08 27 14 23Phillips has redesigned its Premium 3-In-1 and 4-In-1 Electrical and Air Combination Assemblies with QCP Trailer Side Connections to help reduce fatigue and strain on the plug and 7-way electrical cable that can be experienced on some trailer applications where the electrical connection is higher than the air connections. The trailer side lead on the 7-way electrical cable now extends out an additional 6 inches, and the spiral wrap on the same side is reduced by 6 inches, creating more slack on the 7-way cable, relieving strain placed on the cable lead and coupled 7-way electrical connection due to pull from the weight of the combination assembly. The rubber air hoses now act as a shock absorber versus the electrical cable that now should not be stretched or stressed, while the gladhand connections can better support additional assembly pull-weight with a metal-to-metal connection. The extended length also allows for more rotation in the lines during a jackknife.

Phillips Industries,