Second Trimble device certified in Canada

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Technology news and briefs for the week of Dec. 12:

Second Trimble device certified in Canada

PeopleNet Connected Gateway deviceA second solution from Trimble Transportation – its PeopleNet Connected Gateway device, when paired with its eDriver Logs ELD – has now been certified as compliant with the Canadian ELD mandate.

A second solution from Trimble Transportation – its PeopleNet Connected Gateway device, when paired with its eDriver Logs ELD – has now been certified as compliant with the Canadian ELD mandate.

Trimble’s PeopleNet Mobile Gateway device was certified in October, making Trimble the first major telematics provider certified to comply with the mandate, and one of the first six certified providers overall.

“While these two devices represent the vast majority of our user base, we are focused on expanding on our certification to include additional hardware options as well,” said senior product manager Frank Stowers.“Our aim is to help provide customers with flexibility in selecting the right devices for their specific business needs while being confident in knowing that they are also choosing a compliant solution.”

Carben Tec adds ConMet Digital products and servicesUnknown

ConMet Digital has partnered with Carben Tec, a fleet solutions provider, to incorporate ConMet Digital's suite of products and data services into the Carben Tec portfolio, including the PreSet Plus SmartHub, SmartAir TPMS, SmartAir Axle Load, and SmartAir Line Pressure health monitoring systems for both tractors and trailers. 

Through proprietary algorithms, raw data collected from ConMet Digital telematics devices are transformed into actionable insights, detecting anomalies and triggering alerts before a vehicle ends up on the side of the road, offline, or damaged beyond repair.

Carben Tec is a fleet solutions company that tailors IoT hardware and data services to improve public safety, liability mitigation, and business structure. They are skilled in integrating with existing fleet software to build new on-suite solutions as a fleet grows.

New asset tracking device from ORBCOMM

ORBCOMM, a global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, has launched a flexible asset management solution enabled by its new GT 1030 global LTE telematics device targeted for tracking and monitoring all types of assets used in the transportation, container and heavy equipment markets. ORBCOMM’s next-gen solution is built to support mixed equipment fleets, delivering global cellular connectivity, cost-efficient SIM management along with the latest wireless technologies to support a variety of customer use cases for managing assets anywhere in the world.

The solution features an embedded global SIM card that allows devices to switch networks between geographies with the certifications and type approvals to meet the needs of international operators. It also includes integrated GPS and cellular antennas for discrete and easy installation, which is ideal for deterring theft and tampering. The solution’s higher battery capacity ensures connectivity when external power is lost for long-lasting performance in the field. With up to four digital and analog inputs, it offers multiple connectivity options as well as Bluetooth BLE support for wireless sensors supporting multiple industrial IoT applications. In addition, the advanced solution integrates with all of ORBCOMM’s Cloud-based platforms, enabling fleet customers to manage all of their assets in a single, unified portal and leverage deep data analytics across their business for streamlined operations.