New fraud protection tool brings additional layer of security to traditional supply chain verification tools

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This week, we’ll see how a new fraud protection tool brings an additional layer of security to traditional supply chain verification tools. We’ll also take a look at a new Trucker Path partnership that offers small business lending to trucking companies and more.

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00:00 In CCJ’s Tech Shorts this week, we’ll see how a new fraud protection tool brings an additional layer of security to traditional supply chain verification tools. We’ll also take a look at a new Trucker Path partnership that offers small business lending to trucking companies and more.

00:29 QuikSkope, a fraud protection tool securing the chain of custody for brokers, carriers and shippers, has officially emerged from stealth mode.

QuikSkope is designed to provide real-time, load-level verification and security protocols to combat fraud and criminal activity at the ground level. Using geofencing and photo verification, QuikSkope allows shippers and brokers to confirm that a driver associated with the carrier hired is physically on site at the pickup location before a pickup number is released.

In addition to QuikSkope’s verification process, if fraud is detected or verification fails, QuikSkope will not release the pickup number, and customers will be notified via email. The customer then can see the photo provided and intervene by manually approving the pickup number release or calling the carrier and notifying them they need to be replaced for failure to verify their identity. Bad actors will be reported and documented in real-time with QuikSkope making their findings available to those pursuing criminals and con artists.

QuikSkope Founder Michael Fullam said, “With over 75 years of experience between our team in the logistics industry, we’ve all experienced first-hand the devastating financial results of freight fraud and the snowball effect it can have on relationships between carriers and brokers. Our goal with QuikSkope was to make it as simple as possible for drivers to navigate the verification process and for brokers and shippers to respond. Clicking a text message link and uploading a quick photo encourages compliance by eliminating the need to download and employ yet another application and ultimately secures the full chain of custody.”

QuikSkope’s goal is to add an additional layer of security to the supply chain verification tools on the market today that focus on vetting carriers before they are hired with the aim to further reduce double brokering. The carrier can trust that the load is coming from a broker who will pay them. The broker will know that the carrier and driver hired are the ones picking up the load. The shipper or warehouse can trust that the driver is verified and ready to load before they physically check-in.

02:31 The mobile app for North American truckers has launched a new partnership with a small business financial solutions provider to offer lending options to trucking businesses. Lendio will now offer a range of financing services to the Trucker Path community of users, including asset or revenue-based financing, debt financing, lines of credit and equipment financing.

Trucker Path Chief Marketing Officer Chris Oliver said, “Lendio brings much needed capital to trucking businesses, who have traditionally been underserved by banks. Their loan products, which are tailored for transportation businesses, can be used to buy, upgrade or repair equipment, invest in technology to gain a competitive advantage, and expand operations or add staff.”

Lendio’s online application, available in Trucker Path’s mobile app, does not impact the applicant’s credit and can be completed in as little as 15 minutes with funding available as quickly as within 24 hours. Applicants receive personalized support throughout the process from a Lendio representative, who will ask about their needs and walk them through different financing options to help them choose the best financing solution.

Lendio has already funded over $330 million for trucking businesses.

03:45 Solera Company Spireon has rolled out a new piece of hardware. Flex Battery Tracker is the company’s newest battery-operated tracking device with increased durability, extended battery life and advanced theft prevention measures for unpowered assets like trailers, equipment, storage containers and more.

These are the key highlights:

• A five-year battery life

• Rugged, durable and weather-resistant, built to withstand various environmental conditions for optimal performance in diverse settings

• Multiple mounting options and compatibility with various types of vehicles and assets

• Multiple reporting options based on desired frequency of updates for in-motion or stationary assets

• Enhanced security with advanced tamper detection technology that immediately alerts users to any unauthorized interference

• Easy installation with a “slap and track” approach, eliminating the need for wiring

• And a user-friendly user interface for asset and trailer management

04:44 Fleetio has added four new features to its fleet management software, including tire management, warranty management, sensor data snapshots and enhanced service tasks to give fleets better control and visibility over their maintenance costs.

The new tire management feature gives fleet managers real-time insights into tire health and performance, tracking tread depth, air pressure and usage data, proactively identifying potential issues and ensuring compliance with Department of Transportation regulations.

Warranty management maximizes warranty claims to avoid unnecessary expenses. This functionality tracks standard and extended warranties, automatically alerting mechanics about applicable policies, and seamlessly integrates warranty credits into work orders.

Sensor data snapshots leverage sensor data to proactively detect and address potential problems before they escalate. Managers and drivers create and enrich issues with sensor information, providing technicians with valuable context to diagnose and resolve problems efficiently. Upon initial launch, this feature supports Fleetio users who have integrations with Geotab or Samsara.

Enhanced service tasks with parts and labor streamline work order creation and improve technician productivity. It allows users to link service tasks to specific parts and expected labor hours, eliminating manual data entry and providing valuable insights into labor efficiency.