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Texas’ Roadcheck numbers offer preview of nationwide inspection blitz effort

Truck during an inspection

Enforcement officials in Texas placed nearly 2,000 trucks out-of-service during the 72-hour International Roadcheck inspection blitz in June.

Nearly 2,000 trucks were placed out-of-service in Texas during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s International Roadcheck, held June 6-8.

In total, the Texas Department of Public Safety inspected 8,182 commercial vehicles during the blitz, placing 1,938 of those (or 23.6 percent) out-of-service. The department says issues with brakes and defective vehicle lighting were among the most common violations that led to out-of-service orders.

With Texas having some of the busiest highways in the nation, the state’s inspection numbers from Roadcheck could offer a glimpse into what truckers experienced in other parts of the country during the inspection blitz. Last year, Texas DPS placed approximately 22.5 percent of inspected CMVs out-of-serviceduring Roadcheck, while inspectors nationwide ordered 21.5 percent of inspected trucks out-of-service.

In addition to the nearly 2,000 trucks sidelined during the event, 225 drivers were also ordered out-of-service for driver’s license violations, improper logs and hours-of-service violations.

Texas DPS issued a total of 1,994 citations and 22,346 warnings during the 72-hour Roadcheck event.


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