Menlo Worldwide partners with lingerie manufacturer

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As part of Triumph’s initiative designed to restructure and improve the competitiveness of its overall UK business, an agreement has been signed with Menlo Worldwide Logistics, effective July 1. The international logistics operator, part of Con-way Inc., will take over warehouse operations at the lingerie company’s purpose-built site in Swindon.

Menlo, which is seeking to grow its business in the region, intends to operate the currently dedicated warehouse as a multiuser facility in the future. Menlo – which in addition to a full range of warehousing functions, offers transport management services, Web fulfillment and 4PL services – says it is committed to targeting new customers for the Swindon premises. Situated at the hub of the UK’s “M4 Corridor,” the site provides a strategic location for regional, national and international distribution networks.

The UK is a core market for the global Triumph International lingerie business, which operates in 120 countries. To ensure Triumph UK remains competitive and to support the business plan for growth, the decision to outsource the warehouse operations is the most viable option for the UK business and its longstanding employees.

“Focusing on sales and marketing operations is the best long-term decision for the UK business and its employees,” says Petri Haikola, Triumph UK’s general manager. “As such, we looked for a trusted and experienced logistics provider to take over our warehouse business under the Transfer of Undertakings/Protection of Employment regulations. It was vital to us that our partner would ensure that the 118 warehouse employees would retain their employment and provide job security for the foreseeable future. We are pleased that in Menlo, we have found just such a partner, with which to work closely.”

Tony Gunn, Menlo’s managing director for Europe, welcomed the new partnership with Triumph. “At Menlo, we are serious in our response to customer business requirements,” Gunn says. “Our core values are people-oriented, and our culture is one of innovation. These assets have helped us in providing Triumph with an effective solution in Swindon. We look forward to leveraging our resources, in-depth logistics experience and knowledge, as well as our commitment to a lean and process-driven approach and our reputation for operational excellence in support of Triumph’s objectives. In Swindon, we see a win-win situation, a positive solution for Triumph and business growth for Menlo based on delivering consistent performance, service improvement and waste elimination.”