FMCSA changing dates for calculating hazmat OOS, crash rates

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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is changing the dates for calculating and publicizing driver, vehicle and hazardous materials out-of-service rates and crash rates. FMCSA does not issue a hazardous material safety permit to a motor carrier having a crash rate or driver, vehicle or hazardous materials out-of-service rate in the top 30 percent of the national average.

The agency is revises the date used to calculate the threshold crash and OOS rates from a calendar-year cycle to a fiscal-year cycle from Oct. 1 of a given year to Sept. 30 of the following year. FMCSA says this will provide motor carriers and the industry a three-month preview of the crash and OOS rates the agency uses to determine HMSP eligibility before the motor carrier HMSP registration cycle begins on Jan. 1.

This policy amendment is effective Oct. 1.