TCH, Zonar offer fuel purchase security system

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Updated Oct 20, 2010

TCH LLC and Zonar Systems unveiled a system to prevent fuel theft by ensuring that diesel is being pumped into an authorized truck. Called Z-Con, the system will be installed at participating truckstops throughout the United States and Canada. The installed devices will interface with Zonar devices installed in trucks operated by Z-Con customers to ensure that the truck that is positioned at the fuel pump is the truck the company has authorized to use the fuel card.

The Z-Con system combines ultrasonic and infrared technologies with vehicle telematics. As a vehicle approaches a Z-Con equipped fueling island, an ultrasonic sensor detects the presence of the truck activating the radio in the fuel canopy and an infrared transmitter. Once the infrared transmitter and receiver in the truck are aligned, an LED on the windshield tells the driver that authorization is in progress.

After the VIN has been validated, the LED indicates that the driver is authorized to begin fueling. Z-Con also eliminates the need for drivers to swipe fuel cards or enter data to begin a transaction, reducing the chances of inaccurate information. Z-Con terminates fueling when the vehicle leaves the pump area, ensuring that only the correct truck is fueled.