Arsenault Associates reports 23.5% growth for 2010


Arsenault Associates, a provider of fleet maintenance management solutions, reported a 23.5 percent growth rate for fiscal 2010 and 127.3 percent growth since 2005. The company says it achieved this by enhancing its Dossier fleet maintenance software capabilities while expanding products, services, internal staff and technology infrastructure.

Arsenault Associates says it has succeeded in its planned shift away from traditional software sales to a complete solutions model, including startup and configuration assistance, training in both the software and industry best practices, and post-implementation follow-up. The company says this dramatically improves the customer’s likelihood of a successful implementation and creates a mutually beneficial ongoing relationship that generates significant operational improvements for the client.

Charles Arsenault, company founder and chief executive officer, says that in 2010 while maintaining its large, diverse core fleet customer base, Arsenault Associates added 36 new Dossier fleet software customers and 116 new Dossier On-Demand service users who access Dossier over the Internet via Arsenault’s hosted Software-as-a-Service environment. Arsenault also implemented 530 new Dossier On-Board connections linking customer vehicles to its Dossier software for automatic reports of engine/transmission faults, operating exceptions and mileage data. Most new Dossier On-Board systems were linked through and included Networkfleet onboard technology and services.

To handle this growth and prepare for more, Arsenault has added new staff, beginning with a senior director of product development and IT, as well as more software developers. Maintenance professionals also joined the company’s extensive consulting and training service to help customers maximize ROI using Dossier.

“Our growth in 2010 is the result of continued investment in a customer-oriented staff that designs and develops automated labor-intensive fleet management processes along with fluid workflow and deployment strategies that help new customers get up and running faster,” Arsenault says. “We’re also committed to enabling current customers to gain better ROI from their existing software. These investments further separate Dossier software solutions and Arsenault Associates from other industry competitors.”

According to Arsenault, 2011 will see a number of significant announcements on Dossier fleet maintenance software, innovative technology developments, customer-driven partnerships, new strategic alliances and a further expansion of its internal operating staff. “We are committed to developing productive fleet technology and – more importantly – to putting that technology to real-world use for our customers,” Arsenault says. “We’ll have a lot more to talk about as 2011 moves forward.”