Aljex integrates with Epay Manager

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Level One Technologies announced that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Aljex Software Inc., a provider of Web-based transportation software shippers and third-party logistics companies, to integrate its Epay Manager application with Aljex’s transportation management software to provide Aljex users with the ability to streamline their accounts payable procedures and offer flexible payment terms to their carriers.

The partnership also will make Level One’s new early funding program available to Aljex users. With this program, Epay members are able to offer quick pay options to carriers without increasing their working capital because Level One funds the early payment to the carrier and pays the customer a commission on every transaction. With this program, Aljex users will be able to attract and retain carriers without added cost or financial risk.

Aljex says the addition of the Epay Manager interface will allow its users to export completed load information to Epay automatically. This information will be converted to an online invoice and sent to carriers for review, dispute resolution, the submission of deliver documents and the selection of customized payment terms; when the invoice is approved for payment, the completed record will be exported to Aljex to update the user’s accounts payable system. Within its private network, Epay also has an available load distribution list that Aljex users will be able to use to notify their entire carrier base of available loads to collect and organize bids.

Epay says this partnership will enhance the existing capabilities of Aljex’s software and will be available to any new or existing Aljex user, and that companies using Aljex’s software and Epay Manager will become more efficient and improve their relationships with carriers without having to make any significant changes or upgrades. Epay says the partnership also will improve the standardization of its global payment platform by connecting to Aljex’s market share in the transportation industry.