PeopleNet selects Noregon’s Multi-bus Adapter

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PeopleNet has selected Noregon Systems Inc. to provide its Multi-bus Adapter for the PeopleNet Vehicle Management application. Noregon says the Multi-bus Adapter connects to the J1708, CAN and J1939 vehicle data busses and increases the amount of information available for PeopleNet’s customers.

The Multi-bus Adapter is designed to leverage the newer J1939 bus, which provides a broader pipeline for engine and vehicle data such as Top Gear, Fuel Tank Level, Diesel Particulate Filter Status and Engine Load, and also gives users of the company’s onboard systems flexibility to collect data from either or all of the vehicle’s networks.

“We are very pleased to be working with a technology leader such as PeopleNet and are excited about the long term relationship between our two companies,” says Bill Van Horn, chief operating officer at Noregon. The PeopleNet Multi-bus Adapter is based on Noregon’s existing on-vehicle products and was customized to meet PeopleNet’s unique requirements.

“As vehicle manufacturers continue the move towards providing only J1939 engine data via the ECM and reduce support for J1708, fleets need the flexibility to communicate with either data bus using a single hardware solution,” says PeopleNet’s Tom Dorazio. “With the Multi-bus Adapter, PeopleNet collects data from both data networks simultaneously. Customers realize cost savings and maintenance simplicity with a single hardware configuration for their entire fleet of both new and older vehicles.”

The Multi-bus Adapter also is designed to enable real-time integration with stability control systems from Bendix and Meritor WABCO that communicate via J1939, providing visibility of critical driving events and greatly improved fleet safety. In addition, the Multi-bus Adapter is engineered to make integration easier between the PeopleNet onboard computer and other third-party systems, such as lane departure warning, tire pressure monitoring and onboard cameras.