Healthy Trucking Association teams with Mississippi Trucking Association

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The Healthy Trucking Association of America on Thursday, June 9, announced that it has entered into an alliance with the Mississippi Trucking Association in order to provide for the health and wellness needs of MTA member fleets and their drivers. Employees of all MTA member fleets will be eligible for HTAA member benefits. In order to introduce MTA members to HTAA Health and Wellness benefits, MTA fleet members and their drivers will receive complementary HTAA benefits for a trial period of six months.

“We are very pleased to partner with MTA to provide benefits that will improve the health and wellness of the men and women who drive for Mississippi trucking fleets,” says Brett Blowers, spokesman for the HTAA. “The MTA has shown a true commitment to the well-being of its members, and our new partnership is another example of how MTA goes above and beyond to provide its membership with an ever-increasing list of outstanding benefits.”