Rair integrates services through single Web portal

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Rair, a provider of safety and risk management services to the transportation industry, announced the integration of its services through a single web portal. Authorized users will be able to access all of their Rair services with a single log-in, improving ease of use and data security. Rair says the integration will allow it to offer a more comprehensive safety and compliance solution.

“By integrating our services, the possibilities for leveraging safety data multiply,” said Gregory J. Lofy, Rair’s president and chief executive officer. “Driver log auditing reports, for example, are essential for managing drivers’ hours-of-service. But these reports become even more valuable when they include drivers’ Fatigued Driving BASIC data.”

Rair already offers a tool that compares data from DVIRs with CSA Vehicle Maintenance BASIC data, helping carriers identify and counsel drivers who routinely perform inadequate vehicle inspections. The report indicates whether the cause of a vehicle-related CSA violation was noted on the DVIR for the day of the inspection or the day prior to the inspection.

Another benefit of the integration of services is improved security. “Moving to a single log in page enhances the security of our clients’ data,” said John Van Nortwick, Rair’s chief operating officer and senior vice president of information technology. “We have also upgraded our security certificate.”