Mitchell 1, Noregon interface targets vehicle downtime

Updated Mar 9, 2012

During a press conference at the Work Truck Show 2012 in Indianapolis, Mitchell 1 and Noregon Systems, a vehicle communications solutions supplier to the commercial vehicle industry, announced that they have entered into an agreement to develop an interface between Mitchell 1’s and Noregon’s JPro Commercial Fleet Products. The companies say the agreement will reduce vehicle downtime for companies subscribing to the new service.

The agreed-to interface will enable Noregon to capture and pass a vehicle identification number and diagnostic trouble code into Mitchell 1’s and retrieve the following DTC related service information: description of trouble code, related wiring diagrams, component connector views, electrical component locator, testing procedures, removal and installation procedures and DTC-related specifications.

The companies say that by delivering DTC-specific diagnostic and repair information to service personnel instantaneously, elapsed time between initial trouble detection and fully repaired vehicle will be shortened, returning the vehicle to service more quickly without any additional lookup of repair information.

Mitchell 1’s Web-based application, introduced in 2010, uses diagnostic trouble codes to gather, in seconds, all the information required to fix the problem identified by the code. Seven tabs presented in the Repair-Connect program contain details specific to the reported DTC, such as component location, connector views, removal and installation, wiring diagrams, specifications and more.

Noregon’s JPro Commercial Fleet Products are PC- and adapter-based in-shop diagnostic solutions for the commercial fleet and repair industry. JPro Commercial Fleet Products for heavy-duty applications work with engine, transmission and braking systems for heavy-duty vehicles, including trailers, to provide technicians with fault codes and key information for all components on the vehicle. JPro Commercial Fleet Diagnostics software displays all vehicle faults, gives the user the ability to clear faults, provides key data points of interest and allows technicians to quickly toggle between the critical elements of each system. Users can record data into log files for playback, view and chart engine parameters, print reports and launch OEM software and troubleshooting guides with the click of a button.

In addition to offering heavy-duty packages for Class 7 and 8 vehicles, Noregon also offers JPro Commercial Fleet Products for medium-duty platforms. Vehicles covered include the Ford E-series and F-series trucks (model years 2004 and newer) and GM Classes 2-6 for model years 2002-2011. More vehicle makes and models will be added throughout 2012.