Driver Vitality Program announced

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The Healthy Trucking Association of America announced its Driver Vitality Program, which the association describes as a personal health and wellness management tool to improve and maintain their health.

“The HTAA Driver Vitality Program is the single most important development to date in the nationwide campaign to help drivers improve their health,” says Bill Gordon, HTAA executive director. “It’s exactly what the industry needs – a universal platform that all drivers can use – an industry standard that can benefit every driver and every fleet.”

The HTAA has partnered with The Vitality Group, a corporate wellness company, to develop the program designed for large groups of employees over long periods of time. The program targets all the ailments that affect the trucking industry, such as obesity, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, hypertension and a variety of other illnesses; the program will identify the problem(s) that need(s) to be addressed, lay out a pathway for the driver to follow, provide the resources the driver needs, and then reward the driver for his or her efforts.

“We’ve been working for over three years to develop this program,” says Gordon. “So many ‘wellness programs’ are really just weight loss diet plans – there are thousands of them, and while they certainly have their place, very few continue to work in the long run, and none of them addresses all the other important health issues that are plaguing the professional driver population. … This program is the game changer that is going to finally give drivers and fleets the tools they need to turn around the trucking industry’s current negative health trend.”