Fontaine recognizes Dublin modification center

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Fontaine Modification has awarded its Quality Achievement Award to the Fontaine Modification center in Dublin, Va. The company says the facility had the lowest overall warranty costs of all six of Fontaine’s Modification centers nationwide – less than 1/14th of 1 percent of its modification services revenue from January 2011 through the first quarter of 2012.

“Over the last 15 months, the Dublin team completed modifications on thousands of Volvo trucks while maintaining such high quality that the warranty claims on these vehicles has been practically infinitesimal,” says Will Trantham, Fontaine president. “I am very proud of Jason Clark, vice president and general manager of the Northern Region, our Dublin quality control manager, Justin Kemp, the entire Dublin modification center team and our strategic partner, the Volvo production team at the NRV plant. Their combined focus on quality reflects well not only on Fontaine’s modification services, but even more importantly on the Volvo brand, as well.”

Fontaine’s Dublin modification center is dedicated to the Volvo New River Valley Plant. Fontaine established its Dublin mod center in late 1992 specifically to support the Volvo facility with a wide range of in-line modification services.

“Clearly, the nearly 20-year working relationship between both organizations is the cornerstone of these successes,” says Paul Kokalis, Fontaine Modification executive vice president and former general manager of the Dublin facility. “By focusing on safety, quality and efficiency, while at the same time improving our warranty tracking, corrective actions and hiring practices, Fontaine has been able to continuously improve the products and services we offer to this important customer.”