Summertime salute

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I don’t have to tell you it’s been a real scorcher of a summer out there, and even though the current weather forecasts say relief is in sight for many thanks to a cold front, it’s still the middle of July, so I think we can take the word “cold” with a grain of salt. Millions still face several weeks of finding ways to beat the heat, which has been of a record-setting nature this year.

Truckers aren’t immune, and while their jobs technically aren’t outdoors all day long, there’s no doubt they have to endure 90-degree-plus temperatures several times during the day while loading and unloading, taking rest breaks, stopping for lunch, etc. While fleets seem to have gotten a better handle these days on extended idling, those APUs have to be working overtime to keep drivers comfortable while they park their rigs for a lengthy period.

For the long-haulers, even though the temperatures retreat a tad overnight, it’s still ridiculously hot during the evening hours. Kudos to those lucky enough to find a comfortable place to park and a dependable power source for their APUs. For those fortunate to have the resources to use the growing network of shorepower options along the nation’s interstates, count your blessings.

Cooler temperatures are still at least a couple of months away, but for now, keep in mind that there’s plenty of people who don’t have a desk job that are out there sweltering away to do their jobs and do them well – truckers included. They – like everyone else dealing with the heat to provide essential services – deserve our gratitude.