Thermo King offers TracKing rebate

Updated Jan 25, 2013

Thermo King, has announced a rebate program which may entitle customers to a rebate of up to $500 if those customers combine the company’s premier maintenance program, Thermo Gard Assurance, with the TracKing Telematics system.

Thermo King says implementing both services for a new trailer unit allows fleets to combine the synergies of a customized maintenance program with a sophisticated Telematics solution which offers easily accessible asset utilization information. Real-time trailer information enables fleet managers to make more informed decisions to help ensure maximum up-time. The combined programs allow users to cut fuel and operational costs while managing maintenance costs.

The company says Thermo Gard Assurance maintenance programs allow fleet managers to focus on core competencies while Thermo King manages their fleet service work. This enables fleet managers to reduce costs, maximize productivity and streamline the administration of maintaining a refrigerated fleet. Thermo Gard has demonstrated a 30 percent improvement in asset utilization, according to Pat O’Meara, director of the SVC maintenance programs for Thermo King.

TracKing is a web-based asset management system which allows users to remotely monitor and track refrigerated fleets. TracKing offers the ability to monitor, track, pre-cool and download temperature as well as alarm data from a unit. Users can remotely set accurate temperature and mode settings via TracKing to ensure effective cargo management, maximum unit off time and improve fuel usage

The combined program allows users to stabilize maintenance for easy budgeting, minimizing unexpected expenses.

Rebate Program Details

The program is valid when a customer buys a new SB or Precedent trailer unit from Thermo King with both the Thermo Gard Assurance and TracKing services
* The program applies only to new customers who sign on for both Thermo Gard Assurance and TracKing
* The customer must remain on both Thermo Gard Assurance and TracKing for 36 months
* The program runs from Jan. 21 to June 30, 2013