ATDynamics looks to expand national, global footprints

ATDynamics CEO Andrew Smith said at a press conference prior to the Technology and Maintenance Council’s 2013 annual meeting that he projects 50,000 trailers with TrailerTail aerodynamic devices will be operating in the United States in 2014. The company currently has more than 12,000 units (employed by 150 fleets) operating in the United States today. Smith said TrailerTail technology has the potential to save $50 billion in fuel costs worldwide over the next decade.

Smith also announced that a recent European Union regulation (No1230/2012) has paved the way for trailer tail adoption on new trailers in 27 European countries. In response to the regulation, ATDynamics has developed the Eco50, a 50-cm version of its larger North American TrailerTail, said to improve fuel efficiency by 2 to 3 percent.

“With the recent EU regulation changes, we can now deliver a compliant, easy-to-install and operate TrailerTail to all long-haul European trucking fleets who are eager to purchase trailers 2 percent more efficient than they were last year,” said Devin Koch, ATDynamics vice president of international markets.