MOTOR improves heavy-duty Truck Service system

MOTOR Information Systems will strengthen its services in the medium- and heavy-duty aftermarket with a comprehensive update to its all makes Truck Service product, set to be released in April.
MOTOR says its Truck Service product is entirely OEM data sourced, and includes vehicle specifications, OE maintenance schedules and diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) with search capability.
Truck Service also not only allows MOTOR customers to receive that same information, but they also receive enhanced OEM wiring diagrams with color examples and easy to trace selected circuits, leading to better diagnostics, the company says.
Additional new features are said to include a year/make/model/engine (YMME) look up interface, improved DTC search options and quick links for key data. The program also includes common searches, allowing customers to quickly pull up information they need.
“The MOTOR truck service product is one of the most complete all make truck service information sources in the market, and with the new YMME interface, DTC search and Quick Links, everyone can get what they need, faster than before,” says Kevin Carr, president at MOTOR.
MOTOR says this new program works in conjunction with its Redbook service repair time guide. MOTOR says its trucking products can be bundled or purchased individually.