Avantechs releases new side fairing product

Avantechs has released its new VorBlade Wing, an EPA SmartWay verified side fairing product that produces more than 5 percent fuel economy savings on average.

The fairings can be purchased as individual units to use on a tractor or trailer, or side fairings for the side of a trailer. The product were introduced Sunday at TMC’s Annual Meeting in Nashville.

Prices range from $369 for the tractor alone to more than $1,500 for the tractor and trailer, with cross-wind mitigation protection.

According to Avantechs, VorBlade can provide:

Improved fuel consumption
One of the lowest cost EPA SmartWay verified solutions
Financing and installation available
Improved safety and 50 percent increase in aerodynamic stability
No maintenance or driver interactions required
Strong design and easy installation using foam adhesive
Lightweight (approximately 2 oz.) and less than 2 in. tall
The only system on the market that effectively fights cross winds
For more information, go to www.vorblade.com.