International expands ISX15 engine portfolio with 9900i and PayStar relaunch

Updated Apr 15, 2013

Navistar International Corporation re-launched its classic International 9900i and PayStar 5900 SBA models at ExpoCam, Canada’s National Truck Show. The vehicles now feature the proven high-horsepower capabilities of the Cummins ISX15 engine with SCR, adding to the company’s rugged and durable truck portfolio which also includes the ProStar with the ISX15.

“The addition of the ISX15 engine to each of these vehicles provides us with a winning truck portfolio,” said Jack Allen, president, North America Truck and Parts, Navistar. “Offering drivers and fleets a wide-breadth of SCR-based engine solutions, which also includes our MaxxForce 13, is just one of the ways we’re ensuring that customers get a complete lineup of reliable, high-quality products they can drive with confidence.”

Allen says the ISX15 engine offers robust electronic controls and horsepower ratings range from 400 to 600 hp with 1,450 – 2050 lb.-ft of torque forexcellent power and performance.
Customers can expect to see the same classically chiseled hood with a bevy of chrome options for the 9900i while the heavy-duty PayStar 5900 delivers unsurpassed strength and maneuverability with its frame rail options and aluminum cab.

“Canada can be tough on a vehicle and the power of the ISX15 makes our already rugged vehicles adaptable for any environment,” Mark Belisle, president, Navistar Canada. “And, with more than 7,000 vehicles on the road today, the 9900i and 5900 SBA have proven durability.”

Production of both vehicles began earlier this month and the company is now taking orders. The 9900i is available exclusively with the ISX15 engine, while the PayStar 5900 is also available with the MaxxForce 13 engine with SCR.

This announcement comes just four months after the first ProStar equipped with the Cummins ISX15 with SCR rolled off the production line. Initial customer feedback has been very positive, with many fleets noting its superior power characteristics, quiet ride and excellent fuel economy.