DEF prices stay put in June


According to Integer Research’s monthly DEF Tracker that compiles national pricing of diesel exhaust fluid, pump prices for DEF have remained basically the same since November in the U.S., averaging $2.79 a gallon in June.

The tote refill price dropped one-cent per gallon in June from May, says the DEF Tracker, while the nationwide average for LTL loads of DEF rose 6 cents per gallon from May to June.

Tampa, Fla., had the highest DEF prices, the report says. Also, nearly 50 new DEF pump locations are available nationwide, with half of the new ones being added by Pilot.

Diese exhaust fluid — a blend of urea and deionized water — is the key to the selective catalytic reduction systems used by all major North American engine manufacturers to meet emissions federal emissions standards.

Click here to see the full DEF Tracker report.