More than a new name

Company: RoadOne IntermodaLogistics, Randolph, Mass.

2013 CCJ Top 250 rank: 118

Power units: 992

Trailers: 60

Drivers: 990

Earlier this year, industry entrepreneurs at RTS Holdings acquired RoadLink Transportation Solutions from a private equity firm. RTS then relaunched the Boston-area company as RoadOne IntermodaLogistics, with sights on taking a leadership position in intermodal transportation and logistics. Last year, RoadLink was No. 80 in the CCJ Top 250. 

RoadOne uses an asset-light business model and operates in 60 locations with 1,000 drayage tractors throughout key intermodal locations across North America.

“With decades of experience in the intermodal space, we understand the challenges and have created solutions that connect our customers to success,” said Ken Kellaway, president and chief executive officer. “By streamlining decision-making at senior leadership levels, we can deliver results and reliability that nobody else can.”

RoadOne’s services enable a Single Source Solution (S3) for business partners nationwide, with expertise in container terminal operations, dedicated fleet operations, warehousing and transloading services.

“We embrace a business philosophy based on the tenets of reliability, tenacity, safety, integrity and loyalty,” said David McLaughlin, chief operating officer. “We are committed to redefining the intermodal trucking industry and look forward to a bright future.”

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