NHTSA grants CMA/Double Coin petition for Inconsequential Compliance for tire sidewall markings

Double Coin OptiGreen FR605 steer tireCMA and Double Coin Holdings today announced formal notification by the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA) on December 30, 2014 that they agreed with CMA position that the stated noncompliance is inconsequential to motor vehicle safety. According to NHTSA, no additional obligation for providing a remedy or notification is required.

NHTSA established a decision with the following statement: “In consideration of the foregoing, NHTSA has decided that CMA and DCHL have met their burden of persuasion that the FMVSS No, 119 noncompliance is inconsequential to motor vehicle safety. Accordingly, CMA and DCHL’s petition is hereby granted and CMA and DCHL are exempted from the obligation of providing notification of, and a remedy for, that noncompliance under 49 U.S.C. 30118 and 30120…”

“We thank the NHTSA and ODI (Office of Defects Investigation) offices for their timely conclusion to this matter and are in agreement with CMA and Double Coin,” said Aaron C. Murphy, Vice President of CMA. “The very important factor is that the tires meet all safety and endurance standards and are neither defective nor performing poorly.”

As shared earlier in the year, after internal revisions, CMA and DCHL placed the additional mark on all sidewalls of tires being sold to U.S. based customers. Murphy added, “Customer satisfaction and governmental compliance are always our top priorities.”