Noregon intros integrated vehicle health and safety management tool

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Updated Oct 3, 2016

noregonNoregon, at the ATA Management Conference & Exhibition (MCE) in Las Vegas Saturday, introduced TripVision, an advanced in-shop diagnostic and repair tool.

Available through major telematics providers, TripVision provides a detailed, real-time look into every vehicle in a fleet via any internet connected device.

Fleet dispatchers get actionable fault information and aggregated health/safety scores and recommendations to easily determine vehicle readiness. All pertinent information is organized and customizable fault management options can be set to meet the exact needs of any fleet.

“We were hearing complaints from fleets that they were receiving an overwhelming amount of confusing fault data,” says Bill Hathaway, Noregon’s Founder and CEO. “This led us to create TripVision so dispatchers could receive actionable information with expert recommendations for managing those faults,” added Hathaway.

TripVision covers all heavy duty vehicle makes, models and components.

Noregon expects TripVision to build on JPRO’s success by adding an in-vehicle solution to their suite of products.