Bridgestone joins Peterbilt, Cummins on SuperTruck II project

Updated Dec 12, 2016
The Peterbilt-Cummins SuperTruck concept vehicle from the first SuperTruck program.The Peterbilt-Cummins SuperTruck concept vehicle from the first SuperTruck program.

Bridgestone Americas has announced it will develop new tire technologies as part of the SuperTruck II program.

The company is joining forces with Cummins and Peterbilt and will receive federal funding as part of the group. The U.S. Department of Energy will match Bridgestone’s investment dollar-for-dollar, Bridgestone says, “to create prototype tires in all three axle positions (steer, drive and trailer).”

Bridgestone says the prototype tires are expected to increase fuel efficiency by up to 6 percent through a 30 percent decrease in rolling resistance compared to a model year 2009 baseline tires. Six tire technologies – tire sizing, curing, casing construction, casing compounds, tread patterns and tread compounding – will be used to help Bridgestone meet its goals.

“This project is closely aligned with our internal goal to produce best in class products that contribute to reducing global CO2 emissions by 50 percent or greater by the year 2050,” says Steve Charles, vice president of product development, Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations. “We are honored to be a part of the SuperTruck II program, working together with our partners to drive the industry forward and ensure a sustainable environment for current and future generations.”

The goal of the SuperTruck II program is to improve heavy-truck freight efficiency by 100 percent with an emphasis on technology, cost-effectiveness and performance.