ITI develops site-specific 3D driver training models

3-D customized trainingInstructional Technologies Inc. (ITI), a training provider in the transportation industry, is now offering site-specific and highly detailed 3-D customized training to address frequent safety hazards.

“When drivers get a first-person view of the situation, it helps them buy into the training,” said Nathan Stahlman, chief operating officer of ITI. “Fleet safety personnel find drivers relate to lessons when they depict a known site or architecture. Because we can also show overhead imagery and other unique viewpoints, it makes the lesson incredibly more effective and dramatically reduces crashes.”

Stahlman said the 3-D models can also be used for first-person accident reconstruction to help fleets fight lawsuits in courts.

For fleets that have incidents at the same locations again and again, or have similar problems at multiple locations, the site-specific training uses satellite imagery to create a detailed 3-D model of the area. The training course can be made specific to traffic patterns at each location as well and include fleet-specific training procedures.

A sample video shows a customized training model one ITI client uses to address three areas with frequent incidents. In it, ITI brings site-specific areas of concern to life with a 3D simulation.

ITI uses a mastery learning strategy by which the student must ‘master’ each subject before moving to the next. The online strategy improves employee safety behaviors and provide defensible proof, the company says. Fleets can use the company’s off-the-shelf Pro-Tread lessons and engage ITI to develop customized content.