Jetco Delivery upgrades to newest Lytx DriveCam event recorder

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Updated Sep 23, 2019
Video-based safety and telematics systems, such as the DriveCam program from Lytx, can find the behavioral root cause of safety events.Video-based safety and telematics systems, such as the DriveCam program from Lytx, can find the behavioral root cause of safety events.

Houston-based Jetco Delivery, with a fleet of more than 150 flatbed, heavy-haul, intermodal and van trucks, has upgraded its Lytx Driver Safety Program to the newest DriveCam Event Recorder after improving safety results since its initial implementation of Lytx video telematics in 2015.

“We see safety and operations as one and the same: a safe fleet is an effective one. Lytx video telematics technology has helped us hold our drivers to the highest standards of safety,” said Brian Fielkow, CEO of Jetco, in a press release. “When we saw the redesigned product portfolio and the newest DriveCam Event Recorder from Lytx, we saw an opportunity to not only deploy the industry’s leading technology, but to re-energize our drivers around the coaching program and our company-wide commitment to safety.”

Lytx’s Driver Safety Program combines video capture of risky driving behaviors with analytics based on a database of over 100 billion miles of driving data and event review by professional analysts.The Lytx DriveCam Event Recorder captures an event when its sensors are triggered by an action suggesting risky behavior, including a hard acceleration or brake.

Since starting its program four years ago, Jetco has seen:

  • 48 percent improvement in event severity
  • 30 percent decrease in near collisions
  • 51 percent reduction in coachable event frequency

In the past 15 months, Jetco has seen positive changes in specific driving behaviors:

  • 73 percent improvement in following distance
  • 65 percent improvement in late response incidents
  • 21 percent decrease in seatbelt violations
  • 19 percent decrease in traffic violations

Making the Upgrade

Fielkow and his team upgraded to the SF-Series Event Recorders introduced in September 2017, which are equipped with advanced sensors, machine vision and artificial intelligence technology. The recorders are designed to give users more data and over-the-air access to approximately 100 hours of continually recorded video.

Lytx’s recently introduced Device Health Report makes it easier to monitor the overall health of device installation, helping prevent missed incidents and associated critical insights that lead to opportunities for improvement and a safer fleet.

Fielkow is an author and speaker on creating a safety-focused company culture.

The vast majority of drivers, he says, see the video telematics system as supporting the fleet’s commitment to safety and high-quality operational performance. Drivers appreciate having video to document their safe, professional driving and to protect their personal safety profiles.