Howes launches new brand platform

Updated May 6, 2019

Howes Diesel TreatHowes, a provider of additives and lubricants for diesel fuel, gasoline and oil, recently rolled out a new look centered around clarity and improved messaging, making it easier for customers to quickly find the product that best suits their needs. The updated brand platform flows from the packaging on the shelf all the way to the company’s new easy-to-navigate website.

The new branding effort brings more than just a new visual identity for Howes, best known for its flagship product, Howes Diesel Treat anti-gel. For many years, the fifth-generation family-owned and -operated company has used the tagline, “Professional Grade Performance Since 1920.”

Howes now is aiming to streamline the message of who it is and share its core values by which it operates with its new tagline, “Tested. Trusted. Guaranteed.” The company has chosen to help portray its identity through a new St. Bernard logo that serves as the new brand mark.

“The Howes family was ready to shake things up,” said Phil Colacchio, vice president of marketing, who recently joined the North Kingstown, Rhode Island-based company and spearheaded the rebranding initiative. “By using distinct colors to differentiate the products and helpful icons to point out their features and benefits, the new branding offers a very simple purchasing experience.”