New partnership helps Trimble users save on fuel costs

Updated Jul 13, 2022

Technology Shorts

Technology news and briefs for the week of July 10, 2022: 

EROAD launches two new apps

GPS supplier EROAD has launched two new apps to increase convenience and productivity for drivers and fleet managers.

The new EROAD Assist is an Ehubo driver companion app that functions as an extension of the Ehubo, giving drivers the flexibility and convenience of completing various tasks outside of their vehicle from a connected smart device. Ehubo measures distance travelled using a combination of internal and external sensors, including the vehicle's odometer pulse, GPS satellites and accelerometers. The app also helps expedite important transactions between the driver and safety and maintenance managers, saving time, reducing stress and enabling work shift optimization. In addition, it helps drivers get to their destinations and homes on time with ease and efficiency while ensuring fleet safety and compliance.

Key features include change duty status to on or off duty, certify logs dating back to six months, DVIR, perform pre-and post-trip inspections, image capture, inspect defect board integration, and leadership, which allows the user to monitor driving performance to improve safety, view star rank and company rank and provide insights into recent events like harsh braking and speeding.

The new MyEROAD app enables users to access the features like vehicle tracking, viewing hours of service (HOS) and trip histories on the go. It also enables access to a subset of MyEROAD products that are fully optimized for mobile.

Key features include biometric authentication (facial recognition and fingerprint ID), an interactive map, vehicle history, ETA, a driver list on the map, HoS on the map, geofencing, messaging and video replay.

Carrier Transicold adds new capabilities to its digital platform

Carrier Global Corp. subsidiary Carrier Transicold has rolled out new capabilities for its digital platform, which has been rebranded from eSolutionsTM to Lynx Fleet.

The new Lynx Fleet offering enhances the prior web-based application with an at-a-glance view of refrigerated truck and trailer performance parameters. These visual indicators help fleet managers monitor transport refrigeration equipment utilization, improve operational efficiencies and maximize uptime by spotting and averting potential equipment issues.

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Lynx Fleet is part of Carrier’s Lynx global ecosystem, which applies advanced internet of things (IoT) analytics, machine learning and various big data technologies to connect the cold chain in the cloud, automate key processes and deliver real-time visibility and insights throughout the cargo’s journey.

The initial rollout provides key insights on fuel level, battery voltage, door metrics and more.

It provides visibility to refrigeration units that require fuel, helping to avoid emergency call-outs for refueling and engine priming; it identifies the number of units in service that may have battery issues, which could result in an emergency call-out if not addressed soon; it alerts to critical alarm conditions that will cause a refrigeration unit to shut down, helping fleets to prevent load loss; it assists fleets in understanding the number of times cargo doors are opened over a period of time to help manage fuel costs and temperature-control issues; and it helps fleets balance asset usage and manage maintenance based on engine run hours and other factors.

Hardware used with the Lynx Fleet platform is factory installed on Carrier Transicold X4 series and Vector 8000 series trailer and rail refrigeration units. Dealer commissioning and data plan are required. The Lynx Fleet monitor and enhanced control data plan includes the diagnostic dashboard and insights, along with premium capabilities for data downloads, remote software updates and more.

Lynx Fleet data can be easily shared with most major transportation management systems, and for fleets with custom data platforms, Carrier Transicold offers growing application programming interface capabilities that facilitate the integration and display of collected data.

Trimble partners with Vnomics to save fleets on fuel spend

Trimble has established a collaboration with Vnomics to integrate Trimble’s fleet management solution with Vnomics’ True Fuel technology.

True Fuel, which combines real-time driver coaching with insights on fuel efficiency data to help reduce fuel spend, is now available to Trimble fleets that use Connected Gateway and Mobile Gateway devices in their trucks.

Vnomics said True Fuel is proven to reduce fuel spend by 3% and up to 10%.

True Fuel precisely monitors each vehicle’s actual fuel usage in real-time and compares it to the maximum achievable fuel economy for that vehicle under its current operating conditions. Rather than miles per gallon, the system accounts for the impact of vehicle make, model and age, terrain and load size to accurately identify the actual and potential fuel usage of each truck and each driver.

The three main benefits of True Fuel include real-time coaching via in-cab audible tones when fuel inefficient behavior occurs; a comprehensive reporting functionality for back-office staff that show how much fuel was wasted, who the most efficient drivers are and who could benefit from additional training, which trucks are most efficient in the fleet, how tech additions impact fuel performance and more; and accurate scorecards that detail fuel loss factors to make it easy understand fuel usage in an unbiased way.