Platform Science marketplace adds another telematics provider

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Technology news and briefs for the week of April 9, 2023: 

ConMet telematics joins Platform Science marketplace

ConMet Digital’s telematics portfolio will soon be available in the Platform Science marketplace. The ConMet Digital suite of products provides fleet managers, drivers and dispatchers with real-time visibility of a vehicle, including critical component condition and asset location. Platform Science's transportation solutions make it easier for fleets to develop, deploy and manage mobile devices and applications on commercial vehicles.

The following ConMet Digital solutions will be available later this year in the Platform Science catalog:

• The ConMet Digital Driver app gives transportation fleet drivers real-time visibility to critical information about the assets they operate, maintain and manage.

• The PreSet Plus SmartHub telematics solution provides fleets visibility into the condition of the wheel end ecosystem, including hubs, tires and brakes.

• The SmartAir TPMS sends alerts when tire pressure falls outside of a predetermined pressure range, helping fleets make more informed tire maintenance decisions to extend tire life, improve fuel efficiency, and increase safety.

• SmartTrack asset management provides accurate, up-to-the-minute GPS location to maximize productivity and monitor driver behavior.

• SmartAir line pressure monitoring from ConMet Digital provides real-time visibility into emergency brake air pressure status.

• The SmartAir axle load solution provides real-time air suspension-based axle load monitoring.

Ryder introduces new loyalty program

Ryder System Inc. (NYSE: R), a provider of supply chain, dedicated transportation and fleet management solutions, has launched a new points-based loyalty program for carriers with Ryder’s freight brokerage division that book and track loads through the Trucker Tools app, which provides digital trip planning, shipment visibility, predictive freight matching and automated booking solutions.

The Freight Brokerage Carrier Loyalty Program is part of Ryder’s goal to reward carriers for consistently and continuously moving freight with Ryder freight brokerage. Based on the level of engagement with Ryder on the platform, carriers with Ryder’s freight brokerage may earn tiered discounts of up to 22% on used vehicle purchases from Ryder through the end of the year.

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Through the program, carriers are automatically allocated to one of three tiers based on their current level of engagement with Ryder on Trucker Tools. Then, for every load carriers book and track with Ryder freight brokerage on the Trucker Tools app, they earn additional points toward potentially qualifying for a 5%, 15% or 22% discount off the advertised price of Ryder’s used vehicles through the end of the year.

WorkHound offers anonymous chat service

WorkHound has introduced a new two-way anonymous chat capability on its platform that allows companies and their workers to engage in anonymous problem-resolving conversations via text in real time, facilitating open dialogue across frontline workforces.

After receiving anonymous feedback through WorkHound, companies can engage deeper with workers by opening an anonymous two-way chat via text message. When the company starts a chat, the worker gets a text message letting them know someone from the organization wants to talk and that the conversation will remain anonymous. Both parties can then chat until the issue is resolved.

The feature encourages workers to share thoughts freely and stimulates diverse feedback from all personality types, including those who might not otherwise be inclined to share. It also boosts engagement and communication.

ProvisionAI launches new scheduling tool

ProvisionAI, which provides an optimized replenishment transportation scheduling solution, has launched a new scheduling tool that aims to reduce volatility, lower transportation costs and better fill customer orders. LevelLoad is a new genre of optimization software that fixes replenishment by bridging the gap between supply planning and execution. ProvisionAI Founder and CEO Tom Moore said in a news release that many supply planning systems often neglect the cost and network consequences of their plans, leading to uneven shipment schedules from manufacturing plants to customer-facing warehouses, causing significant negative effects on operations. For instance, a sudden increase in trailer arrivals can result in insufficient space and labor to load or unload trucks, ultimately degrading customer fill rates as products needed for orders fail to be unloaded on time.

LevelLoad addresses these challenges by analyzing shipment patterns over the next 30 days and identifying unnecessary spikes in demand. The system can then adjust by shipping some products early or holding less-needed items a day or two, resulting in a more balanced transportation plan, enabling the use of preferred carriers and ensuring adequate storage space and labor availability across all sites.

In addition, LevelLoad's optimizing load builder maximizes vehicle capacity utilization. Together, these capabilities enabled a large CPG company to tender loads two to three days earlier, allowing them to commit to trucks earlier without increased risk of forecast uncertainty. The tool only defines load contents just before loading, minimizing the risk.

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